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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a not for profit Financial Institution whose mission is to provide financial stability and leadership to it's community and those members that they serve.

A Credit Union has three governing bodies made up of volunteer members that are elected by the Credit Union Membership:

Board Of Directors establishes policies and is directly responsible for the Credit Union.

Supervisory Committee retains the services of a Certified Public Accountant to examine the Credit Union operations and supervises the actions of the Board of Directors, officers and committee persons.

Credit Committee reviews, approves and expedites loans. Members of the Credit Committee are usually Credit Union Employees, appointed to the Credit Committee by the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, which is held in the first quarter of each year.

What services do Credit Unions offer?

Credit Unions have the ability to offer a wide range of financial services - all to help you meet your financial needs for saving and borrowing.

  • Savings and other related services
  • Loans
  • Convenience Services
  • Financial Counseling
  • And much more!

Can anyone join a Credit Union?

Credit Unions are for everyone, but not everyone can belong to a given Credit Union. The members of each Credit Union must share a "common bond," such as being employed at the same workplace, belonging to the same church or fraternal organization, or living in the same neighborhood. Some Credit Unions serve an entire community. Others serve several employee groups.

What are some advantages of joining a Credit Union?

Because Credit Unions are democratic, member-owned cooperative, members-like you - have the power to direct credit union policy. Each year, the credit union holds an annual election and meeting, where members select candidates for the Board of Directors, from among their peers, to represent them in setting the policies of the credit union. Credit union elections are based on a one-member, one-vote structure. This structure is unlike the for-profit, public companies where stockholders vote according to the number of shares of stock they own.

Besides the member-ownership advantage, the not-for-profit status of credit unions enables them to operate at a lower cost than many for-profit institutions, and helps them to offer competitive loan and savings rates to you, the member.

How can I have my new account serviced?

There are several ways to maintain your account with United Local Credit Union:

  • Call our Contact Center at (800) 446-8329 or (559) 227-8329 Option 2
  • Deposit and withdraw at many area CO-OP ATMs
  • Call our 24 hour Audio Response Service to transfer funds, check balances, place stop payments and more  (833) 358- ULCU(8528) 
  • We offer Online Banking and Mobile Banking with Bill Pay

How do I get a Visa Debit Card if I don't have one?

Just call, email or visit a local branch. We can instantly print you a debit card on the spot in branch or we can mail you a card.  It will take approximately 3-5 business days to receive your new Visa Debit Card by mail. Once received your card can be activated by calling the number on the card label. You may select your own PIN when you activate your card or anytime after.

How do I get statements for my Visa Credit Card?

Statements will be mailed separately on a monthly basis. Statements can also be accessed through Online or Mobile Banking if you enroll for Estatements.  VISA Payments may be made for your Visa Credit Card by mail, by calling the Contact Center (559) 227-8329, by calling the 24-hour Audio Response Service at (830) 358-8528 or through Online Banking.

What about making loan payments?

You can make a loan payment several ways...

  • If you are paying by check, you may mail your payment to:

    United Local Credit Union
    3650 E. Ashlan Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93726

  • We can provide you with addressed return mail envelopes
  • If you are making your payment from your savings or checking account with United Local, you may call the Contact Center at (800) 446-8329
  • You may transfer from your savings or checking account at the credit union by calling the 24-hour Audio Response Service at (830) 358- ULCU(8528).
  • Or, access the website at for Online Banking Services
  • You may make a payment from your savings or checking account at another bank or credit union by calling (559) 227-8329 or (800) 446-8329. You can also set up an ACH Auto Pay from your savings or checking at another institution. Just complete the request form. 
  • Debit Card Payments can be made in branch or via our online payment portal at

What if I wish to close my account?

We hope that you continue your membership at United Local Credit Union. If you ever choose to close your account, you may do so in person or in writing. For written requests please include your name, member number and signature.  All accounts will need to be closed by the primary member.  Written requests may be sent by mail to 3650 E. Ashlan Ave, Fresno CA 93726, by Fax to (559) 227-8432

When I make a deposit at the CO-OP ATM, how soon will my funds be available?

If you deposit under $300, all funds will immediately be available for accounts that have been open longer than 30 days.  The first $300.00 of every deposit will be immediately available (except for deposits made to accounts that have been open less than 30 days), the remaining balance will be available on the 3rd business day after the day of deposit.  If your deposit is received on a non-business day, the next business day will be considered the day of deposit. It is recommended to call us during business hours to inquire about immediate availability of funds. Member Services can be reached at (800) 446-8329 or (559) 227-8329 Option 2. We are available to take your calls Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 

Where can I find CO-OP ATMs?

There are many CO-OP Credit Unions and ATMs in the surrounding area. For other locations you can go to the ATM Locator on the following website: or by calling (888) 748-3266. These fellow credit unions offer "no fee" for deposits through the CO-OP.